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HRC™ System for Microsoft Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000 en XP.
Languages: Dutch, English, German and Greek (soon).
DEMO, fully functional but no Helpdesk! see: Requests No charge

upto and including 01 object € 265,00 a year
Package of 25 objects € 335,00 a year
Package of 50 objects € 395,00 a year
Package of 75 objects € 450,00 a year
Package of 100 objects € 495,00 a year

each extra object
It is in most cases better to choose
a package with more objects
€     5,20 a year

POS Promodule first year € 495,00 first year

Helpdesk tickets €   95,00 per 3

Manual by post €   22,50 each

Installing the HRC™ System is easy to do yourself.

But in some cases you would prefer some help.
Ask our sales department for information on the possibilities.
We are known for working with VNC.

All mentioned prices are ex. VAT.